March 22, 2023


Commonly asked and deliberated questions are What does MES signify? Why is it important? Does it bring in credibility or is just another technology gig? TRUTH, TRUST & TRANSPARENCY – These 3 T’s are the foundation of why MES should be adapted. It is also a step for any manufacturing
Steel consumption is a direct indicator of development work being carried out in a country. Steel becomes a major import/export material depending upon the country’s production capacities. India, at the moment, is the world’s 2nd largest Steel Producer.  Credit: The steel industry in India was de-licensed and decontrolled in
Every employee of the organization has a Role to play and against that Role are marked specific Responsibilities to be completed. Every organization has different ways of defining them – be it the KRA / KPI way or the OKR way. When we further deep dive into the above statement,

ERP – In a New Avatar

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When we take a perspective look, it is a fact that the evolution of business management technologies has played a leading role in driving many of today’s established organizations to the path of success. In today’s day and age, we identify ERP software as not only a solution, but in

A Quick Replacement from Quickbooks 

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In the last few years, QuickBooks has seen a significant rise in the number of Indian customers. The company has been trying to get more customers in this world. But, now QuickBooks is getting ready to leave India. The company is pulling out from India as it does not want