July 14, 2024


Inventory management is the day-to-day activity for some businesses. If you manage a warehouse, operate a retail store, or work in manufacturing and your company is involved in the supply chain, you likely have experience with issues like labor-intensive inventory counts, stock shortages brought on by delayed reordering, or time-consuming
Warehousing – a simple word which has been in the industry use for last so many decades. Business Owners every often refer to this term in their day-to-day conversations, this is a topic of discussion in the boardrooms and is a prime topic for building a sleek and mean SCM. 
Forging is a well-established manufacturing process being used over centuries. Over the years, rather decades, the industry has evolved and Industrial Forgings has taken a center stage in manufacturing components which are critical to a Process. With the increase in importance and need for standardization across Industries and Geographies, various
Commonly asked and deliberated questions are What does MES signify? Why is it important? Does it bring in credibility or is just another technology gig? TRUTH, TRUST & TRANSPARENCY – These 3 T’s are the foundation of why MES should be adapted. It is also a step for any manufacturing
Steel consumption is a direct indicator of development work being carried out in a country. Steel becomes a major import/export material depending upon the country’s production capacities. India, at the moment, is the world’s 2nd largest Steel Producer.  Credit: freepik.com The steel industry in India was de-licensed and decontrolled in