June 13, 2024
Migrate data fro, Quickbooks to DigiSec ERP

In the last few years, QuickBooks has seen a significant rise in the number of Indian customers. The company has been trying to get more customers in this world. But, now QuickBooks is getting ready to leave India.

The company is pulling out from India as it does not want to comply with the new Indian government’s mandate for data localization. The new law requires all companies to store user data on servers within India and have a local office there. This will be a huge problem for international companies like QuickBooks which don’t have any presence in India and store data outside the country.

At Tanaashi, having interacted with and served more than 100 clients over the last decade on ERP implementations, we understand the anxiety and furor generated within an organization whenever the decision to change a financial system takes place. It is a challenging journey which takes weeks (at times months) to get completed. The thought of taking a decision of changing the financial system due to a company exiting is even more disturbing.

We are a company with more than 2 decades of existence in India and with our own ERP product for more than a decade now. We specialize in manufacturing and trading processes.

We are here to help out Quickbook’s existing customers with our ERP solution that can handle your data easily and helps you to get back on track. You will get a perfect migration plan with customer-centered service from Tanaashi Technologies on our Product DigiSec ERP.

Your data gets seamlessly migrated into Tally with ERP.


We advise and help the clients to take a relook at the way the current data is structured and the way they wish to analyze data to run their business. This process is in itself tedious and time-consuming as it might involve re-engineering. To make this a near effortless path, we have a consulting approach with pre-defined templates designed with 100+ years of consulting experience. A personalized approach by the management of Tanaashi makes decision-making easier and faster. 

Using our experience in the Integration of our product with Quickbooks, we will be faster (06 – 08 weeks) to migrate your organization on our ERP which integrates seamlessly with Tally.

The steps identified are:

  1. Decide on the Cut-Over date from Quickbooks.
  2. Clean up the Master configuration data.
  3. Migrating the Cut-over balances into DigiSec ERP
  4. Identifying points of integration between ERP and Tally.
  5. Configure the User roles and access rights
  6. Configure the Process controls and Approvals
  7. Train the Users
  8. Go – Live 
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